Behind our Scenes

Yesterday I helped create this fashion blog. Ooh là là!

Today I went to buy veggies wearing this:


Jersey harem pants and the world’s most comfortable-despite-clunkiness sandals.

I felt this was important to share. You know, just in case you thought this blog might be filled with crazy, over-the-top fashion stuff by people who always look oh-so-put together. Sure, we love those moments. But, like everyone, we have our stretched out, comfy clothes we fall back on.

(Maybe one day, if I’m really inspired to get real, I’ll post a picture of my dearly loved gray lounge pants and top from IKEA that my husband nicknamed ‘The Cement Suit’.)

What about you? What are your fall-back clothes?


7 thoughts on “Behind our Scenes

  1. Mine is navy blue sweat pants with matching sweat shirt. Oh, so comfy. Glenn (my husband) hates it of course! If he gave it a name, it would be “blueberry”.

  2. Khady, I love your thoughts! I also did not know that Ikea sold clothing. As for my comfy clothing choice it would be some old Iowa State sweatpants. P.S. France was great!

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