One of my favorites

All dressed up.

All dressed up.

As much as I love this fabric, I didn’t really have much say in the actual choosing of it. Blue and red are two of my favorite colors, so it was a double bonus that they were both incoorporated in the fabric. The reason I didn’t have much say in the choosing of this fabric, was because it was the women in my village community group (in the Casamance – southern Senegal), who chose it for our group of 30+ women. We were going to be going to a wedding ceremony together, and, (as they often like to do here), they wanted us all to match. I’m not really a matchy-matchy kind of person, but it was fun because we each got to take our fabric to the tailor and design whatever ‘look’ we wanted for the wedding ceremony. I had fun looking through magazines and picking out the dress (with pants!!) that I wanted to wear.

It’s not every day that you’ll see me dressed in traditional African clothes, so I thought I’d kick off this new blog with a picture of me “all dressed up and ready for the party”… featuring a headscarf, too!


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